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This will familiarize you with what you will see as you begin the course selection and registration process. Our online training platform is iSpring FLORA. This is referred to as a Learning Management System or LMS. The courses and everything related thereto are housed on this platform. Your receipt for payment will be from Susan Davis Enterprises  and will appear as such on your credit card or bank statement. 

  • When you select any of the links from the school website to the courses you will seamlessly transfer to our LMS. The first time you come to the site you will be asked to enter your email and create a password.
  • This is not a commitment and you may return easily to the school website. After registration this page is where you will sign in to your course(s) using the username and password that you have created.

Courses are approved as online, correspondence and classroom by Washington Department of Licensing, Real Estate Education. We offer Blended Learning within the courses using the approved content and ZOOM meetings for discussions. All material is kept current to new laws and regulations. You may take up to a year to complete your course selection. Completion records are maintained for (5) five years. If you misplace your certificate(s) you can easily come back into the system and reprint it.

  • Each course is delivered in e-book (pdf) format. You will find rich content, many web links and sometimes videos to enhance your learning.
  • Each section may be read online or downloaded and even printed if you prefer that method. Of course all material is copyrighted.
  • Required elements of the course may be completed in any order and all must be completed prior to receive the certificate..
  • A quiz follows each section of text. Each quiz contains multiple choice questions directly related to course content. The required score is 75%. If you do not meet that criterion you may retake the quiz until you do so. There is an extensive question bank and questions and answers to be randomized for each retake.

You may contact me at any point in the course through email within the LMS and expect a quick response. susan@susan-davis.com Upon completion of the course(s) please respond to the online Evaluation and Statement of Compliance. You may then print your Completion Certificate. We know that you have multiple options for your continuing education choices and we sincerely thank you for selecting Washington’s Best.